In Another Lifetime

I’ll die in your arms if that will make you happy. I’ll surround myself with thorns so no one can touch me. I’ll hide my face in the dark so nobody else will look at me. If that makes you happy, I’ll do it gladly. The pain in your eyes when I’m with someone else…

When Both Ends of the Rainbow Meet

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow doesn’t always brings happiness. Sometimes it showers you with loneliness and sprinkles of sorrow. It takes you away from the other end which ultimately brings joy and peace. There other end is where your family, friends, and people you care about. Most of the time…


The snowfall will always be a reminder of what I left behind. The bitter-sweet goodbye: the tight hug and the words of love. The tears I forced not to fall pretending to be strong while my heart crushes into bits of pieces. Just like the wilted tree on winter, It will pass, The emptiness will…

It Will Be Done

The wait is driving me crazy The pressure is making me go nuts. I know indulging to my weakness will just tear me apart. Calm the nerves, Come back to your senses, Nothing to worry, Don’t be in such a hurry. If it’s meant to be, then it will be done.

Within Reach

It always seems to be within my reach, Though somehow it always slips farther away. It makes tears fall down my eyes, It’s all I can do. No words of protest, Just tears of sorrow, disappointment, agony. Will it ever be mine? Or will forever be just be within my reach?  


I crave a life where the meek is exceptional, Being assertive is somewhat a weakness. When introverts are far more acceptable, Not perceived as weird or nerdy. When the quiet adored, the chatty ignored.