Sunday Highlight(Traditional Candy)


I know I have been MIA the past few weeks and I really feel guilty, the New Year has been overwhelming and the work has been busy aside from the fact that I have been glued to the series’ I have been watching. Anyways, I will try my very hard to update my blog more often if not everyday. So, last Sunday my Mom and I had nothing to do so we decided to check out the culinary school we saw in facebook a couple of months ago, and try to inquire. I have been wanting to enroll on different classes as part of improving myself and I think formally learning how to cook will be a great benefit on the kind of work I have as well. The culinary school is in Sheung Wan and since we were in Central we decided to just walk there. As we were looking for the place we saw an event currently happening that time and there were different stalls with different kinds of products being sold; nosy as we were, we decided to check it out. There were stalls selling Japanese products, wood carvings, books, Chinese ornaments, there were also stalls for children’s art activities and there were little kids doing artworks and of course the food stalls! Food stall were just basically the traditional Chinese sweets because it’s just a week away from Chinese New Year. What fascinated me was the traditional candy and coconut wrap, my Mom said it was delicious and I should try it; so, I did. It was delicious alright, I don’t really know what the candy is made of aside from the sugar but it was pretty interesting because the candy is wrapped in spring roll wrapper with desiccated coconut. It was really good!


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