2016 Conclusion

Happy New Year!

I know there is still a few minutes to conclude 2016(I started writing this at 9am!) but why not do it now? I’d say that 2016 will leave me in awe, mainly because It was a drastic change for me; work-wise, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Work-wise, I’m still with the current family I am working for but I have to say that I have learned a lot working for them. Some of my plans career-wise have changed not for the worse just slowly. I choose to stay positive about it, my reason is if it’s really for me then God would allow it to happen; if not then I believe He’s got a better plan for me. Physically, I lost weight and I am still working on it. It really felt great achieving something that you thought was impossible for a long time. Mentally, well I don’t know if there was really a change for me mentally. Hahaha… Maybe I got really crazier! Hahhahaha…. Seriously though, I have achieved a lot this year I think. I was able to put up this blog and I think I was able to post some relevant stuff at least maybe for me or the readers who have read it; by the way thank you so much for reading and liking it! Finally, I know that I have progressed spiritually this year and my faith in Him has grown stronger than ever and I plan to stay that way.

My New Year fruits!

For 2017, I plan to be more productive, I hope to slack less, to get to do what is more important done, to eliminate toxic people and to get closer to loved ones. I also hope to finish the novel I am working on. I wish all the best for you this coming 2017. Hoping all your New Year’s resolution will be done. Thank You 2016! Cheers to 2017!



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