Highlight of the Day(Hand overs, finger cut and many others)

They changed their dining set so they gave these to me!

I’d say that today was an eventful day. First, I cut my finger this morning when I was having breakfast, really dumb and it hurts a lot. Next, our wifi is finally working at the whole house! Yey! I think the best part of the day was when my employer gave me the password. Lol. So I guess now I have no excuse not to read your blogs, well except if I got hooked on a series or movie. Sorry. Lastly, my employers changed their dining set and so they gave me the old ones. I like it because od the color and it’s still in very good condition. Tomorrow’s New Year’s eve, have you made your New Year’s resolution yet?


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  1. vishal4u says:

    A very happy new year to you in advance, well no resolution yet because it hasn’t worked in the past for me.

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      Happy New Year to you as well. I guess not all resolutions apply to everyone. I cease having resolutions as too. 😀

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