Flowers for You

“Flowers for you. How have I been? I’ve been good. Job’s been the same, a routine. Oh by the way, Katherine and Jay filed for divorce, it sucks right? Well they said it’s a mutual decision and they both seem to be taking it well. Jay is seeing someone new, a much younger woman, way prettier and way more high maintenance.” He chuckled.

He sat beside her, “You know what? I met someone today. She looks amazing with her long blonde locks and cute smile. I actually talked to her. I met her at the subway train station, she smiled at me; it was infectious so I smiled back. Before I know it, we were talking. She’s actually a good conversationalist, she’s a preschool teacher and a little younger than you are. She reminds me so much about you.” He chuckled.

“I know it’s inappropriate but I can’t help it. It’s still you. Hey, don’t laugh at me, I’m being serious. Kidding aside, I think I really like her and I may have asked her to dinner tomorrow night.” He blushed and scratched his head at the last sentence.

“Seriously, don’t laugh at me. Do you think there’s a chance for us?” He asked as he brush off the dirt covering her name.


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