Highlight of the Day(Christmas Event)

Bel Air Christmas event 2016

Today was quite tiring but fun. The toddler and I first went to the park hoping to meet a playdate while walking her dog; sadly we did not see them but we stayed and played around. In the afternoon, I saw that ther was an activity outside thw clubhouse so I told my employer and she asked if we can go and we did. The toddlee and I enjoyed the perfoemances of those cute children, some piano performances and more. We also had the chance to have a photo with Santa, thwn thw toddler played in the castle tower which took us forever to wait and played just for a short time. Next, the toddler almost devoured the free cheese tasting. She loved it so much that we stayed there for a while. It was such a good day. Hope you had one too!


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