Highlight of the Day(Holidays and gifts)

A gift heading to Belgium.

Today my lady boss asked for the teenager’s luggage. I was surprised buy said nothing and gave it to her, then she started packing his clothes. I really got curious and decided to ask her if the eldest is leaving. She said yes, and asked me if I didn’t, I said I had no idea. She apologized and told me that he is leaving on Friday to spend Christmas in Belgium and go back here for New Year. So it got me thunking that I better give him my Christmas present because it’s perfect for travelling. I bought him a travel purse(sorry forgot to take a snap), it was meant for his trip on summer that I know of but it will be perfect now. Her mom thanked me and said that I don’t need to spend money for them. Giving them something as a sign of gratitude is very small compared their kindness and understanding so it’ ok. The photo above will be given to his cousin where he’ll be staying. I should better sleep now, big day for my mom tomorrow. Help me pray for her. God Bless to you all!


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