Highlight of the Day(Mom’s Generosity)


Thank you so much Mom!

I was so tired last Sunday and yesterday that I didn’t have the energy to open up the thing I brought home last Sunday. It was only now that i was able to clean out stuff. I already bought Christmas gifts for my employers and the kids and all I have to do is wrap them up. I have been craving for sweets the past few days which is very unusual for me because I am really not fond of them, anyway, I have mentioned it to my mom and to my surprise she handed me a few pieces of pineapple mini cakes last Sunday in a Marks & Spencer bag and I thought it was all there was in it. When I opened it, it contains 2 undies! Kissed her and thanked her for it. Apparently she bought the 3 of us, 2 for each person. Then while we were window shopping at forever 21 I saw this really chic hat that I have been wanting to have but I felt like it doesn’t suit me. My mom insisted that I try it and I did. She said it looked good on me and i should buy it. I didn’t feel like buying it Because I just bought myself a bonnet and I thought it’s enough so I just put it back on display. I saw her take it, and insisted that I buy it; I said no. And she bought it for me instead. Mothers’ generosity is endless. Love your moms like you can’t love anyone in the world but her. Thank you Mom! I love you!


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