Highlight of the Day(The thinking ceiling)

That’s where I stare when I need to think.

The past few days, I felt like I haven’t been paying much attention to my writing, I feel like it lacks emotion and sincerity. I may always be writing at random, whatever comes to mind but I always consider the emotion that I bring to it. To be honest I am not satisfied with what I have produced the past week and it gives me this hopelessness that maybe  have squeezed everything I have and the challenge that I gave myself should come to an end. I challenged myself that I will post a poem and a blog a day. It was really fun and I am enjoying. I have never felt more alive, but this week has really been a struggle for me. I don’t want to stop writing and I never will but is everyday too much? it has only been almost two months and I am thinking about stopping, not entirely but this everyday thing. I have SO MUCH respect for the bloggers/poets who can produce so much in day. I salute you guys and it inspires me to continue no matter what. The pressure from work may have affected my mood and the hormones most definitely exhausted me this week. it’s good thing I have my thinking ceiling, keeps me focused and inspired. Let’s keep on writing!


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