Highlight of the Day(The Christmas Tree)

The house smells of Christmas!

Almost all day yesterday, we were waiting for the delivery of the Christmas tree. They said that it will come between 2pm and 4pm. 4:30 came and there was no tree. My lady boss who was out called me and asked if the tree came and I said no. She called the shop a few time while she’s out and until she came home that night but nothing’s coming yet. The toddler was getting disappointed and sleepy. 9pm came and a buzz from the intercom announced that there was a delivery, so the toddler jumped and waited. It took us some time to decorate and the result is pretty good I think. And I absolutely love the smell of Christmas in the house. 😊

I was not planning on writing anything today. I thought I can’t think of any poem to write or even a blog so I told myself I won’t write. But I think it has become a habit that I won’t be able to sleep knowing that I did not write anything at all. Do you have that feeling too?


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