Highlight of the Day(Scooter accident)

Grabbed from the internet.

Today was quite a good day. I met my mom this morning and she looks a bit better, still a little down but getting better. She got a phobia at park and shop now, any park and shop for that matter. We are here and we will make her happy again. On the other hand, when the toddler and I went out. It was supposed to be the usual walk but then she insisted on taking her scooter so we took it, thinking that it was an ordinary day at the playground. Before we go out though I always remind her to wait for me because she is always so fast and I can’t catch up. At first she listened and after she got so busy playing it’s as if she doesn’t hear me at all. And what happened? She went to a slope lost her control and bumped her forehead. She’s wearing her helmet but today for.some reason it’s too loose no matter how we adjust it, but thanks to it nothing so serious happened. She just got a nasty bump and it’s developing into a bruise now. Thank God it’s just that, and a lot of crying. I’ll be sure not to agree taking the scooter in the coming days.


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