Highlight of the Day(Books, Life, Drama)

I’m in heaven!

Today was a very interesting day. My mom was still upset and we try really hard to cheer her up and I think we did it a little althought it was still a grueling day for her tryinh to fix my sister’s problem. Hers is also complicated that it’s hard to elaborate. The poem I posted earlier is in relarion to what’s happening to her. I pray that we will be able.get pass what is happening with the help and support of each other. I know that as long as we stick together and have faith, no challenge will be harder. Help me with your prayers! 😊 So the photo clearly shows my love for books. And it felt like heaven this morning when I saw a booksale at St. Joseph church and I ended up buying a lot. Honestly, I still have unfinished books and I really don’t know how I’ll be able to finish all of it. Lol.


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