Highlight of the Day(Police!)


It’s an exhausting day not only for me but most especially my mom. So this morning she went to have her flu shot and went straight to the shop. She picked up 3 turnips, 2 potatoes, a carrot, and pineapple juice. As she was still on the shop her tummy ached, needing to go to the toilet. Without thinking she went out of the shop. As she go, a staff told her that she did not pay the pineapple so she immediately remembered that she hasn’t paid yet. She said sorry and was about to gp back when 5 police officers arrested. She told th that she just forgot, but they tool her anyway. She was crying the whole time. The police suggested that she just olead guilty because it’s just a minor offense and she may just pay a fine and a few months probation, if she will plead not guilty, the court hearing may take long and she might even go to jail because of the cctv evidence. So on Dec.15, she will plead guilty and say that she regret what she did. She was detained from 11am to 7pm. She went to the toilet 3 times in the police station, at first they always say wait bit my mom said that she cannot hold it so they let her use the toilet. Is there justice in that? I don’t know. We are in a foreign land. I just got really more worried about her health condition. I hope and pray that she will get pass that bad experience. I guess I still have to thanl the HK police department for treatong my mom well.


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