Highlight of the Day(Acne!)

My employer suggested that I use  it, so why not?

I have been struggling with acne my entire teenage life and still in my adulthood. I have actually given up on it for I thought it will never disappear. When I started working here and I had a change of lifestyle, my acne, although still there has declined considerably. A change in weather greatly affects it, so I hate it during the spring and autumn. Aside from that, I also get acne when I’m about to have my period so two weels before my period  feel so ugly. Hahahaha… I have tried a lot of remedy and it only works half of the time. The longest most effective so far is the OXY, been religiously using it when I have ance and it easily dries it. This week though, I have a terrible break out the my employer even noticed it thos morning. She disappeared for a while and gave those 2 bottles, she said that it is very effetive and his son is using it before but he’s facial foam now is very effective thay he doesn’t need it anymore so I can have it. She also told me try the facial foam his son is using and maybe it will be effective on me as well. There is no harm in trying those products anyway because my face is already ugly. Do you guys know what it says? Can you tell me what it is?


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