Highlight of the Day(Food and Argument)

Our dinner! 

Since it was just my mom and I today, we didn’t really have a particular destonation except for the library because I had to return some books. When we reached there, there was an art exhibit so I asked mom if we can take a look and she agreed but she wasn’t that interested so a minute inside, she just stayed at the corner and waited for me. I am no artist but I do appreciate art. The exhibition was mostly about Buddha. I spent 10 minutes there marveling the art. After that we went to the library, returned the books and paid my dues. We had a light lunch sa at 3:30 she was hungry and we went to Seoul Bros again for tea time. We had the beef burger, fries, and spicy corn salad with lemonade. It was really good and it was a big serving so a set was enough. After tea time, we headed to time square necause she was looking for a blouse for her pants. She got 2 shirts from Marks and Spencer that will serve as our Christmas gift to her, I think she was happy with it. We had an early dinner at around 6pm. At the middle of dinner my dad called, checking on us but we ended up arguing about some of our properties he wanted us to take care of. To be honest, it is tiring talking about it and I don’t really care if I will inherit a piece of it or not. It doesn’t matter to me. To cool off, we walked around and my mom ended up buying desserts that she absolutely love. Hahahaha… We had mango and purple rice and durian pancake I think. All in all my day was great even after that bump of an argument. I think my employers are already home after their 2-week holiday so I better get home myself. Have a great day!


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