Highlight of the Day(Elderly and technology)

She’s learning!

My 93-year-old former employer just learned how to use WhatsApp. It’s funny how my mom teaches her how to type, compose a message and the short cuts. My mom told me to send her a message so she can get used to it and eventually learn. It’s nice to see elder people embracing the modern world. I see elders with the latest gadgets and they use it better than I do and how they know certain apps and games that really entertain them. My 83-year-old grandmother can never be bothered when she’s playing zombies and even blames my cousins when she loses. It’s funny! And how she would call us frequently via viber when she’s bored and misses us. Technology has helped us get closer to them no matter how far we are. They also try to learn these new things because it narrows the gap between us. I just hope that I will be as open-minded as they are when I get old. Salute to elders!


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  1. vishal4u says:

    Even if have observed some of my elders in my family are so fascinated by latest technology and gadget. They unlike others are not afraid of it and dare to learn and use it.
    Many of them are scared of it or amazed by what a smartphone can do, but very few insist on having it and exploiting it’s potential.

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  2. Salute to elders who want to learn new technology and are embracing the changes being taken place in our society.

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