Highlight of the Day(Cooking!)

The teenager woke up late today and because of that he wasn’t able to eat breakfast because he is used to cooking it in the morning. I felt bad for him so I decided to prepare breakfast for him today and he can just heat it up in the morning. I made breakfast egg inspired by the Tasty recipe from facebook. It’s easy and healthy too. Instead of using only egg whites and baby spinach, I added the yolks too and there was no baby spinach in our shop so I substituted baby romaines; I also added milk in the beaten eggs. He’s a teenager anyway so he needs a lot of energy.  Yesterday’s dinner also inspired me to cook something different for the teenager today.  I made the Thai fresh spring rolls for him and he absolutely loved it! His verdict: Absolutely amazing, perfect. Hahahahaha… that really made my day. It was worth it. I don’t usually cook so preparing something that simple and appreciating what you have prepared is just an awesome feeling. I’m planning on preparing something special for him this Thanksgiving since he will be celebrating it alone. Wish me luck!


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