Highlight of the Day(Food trip: Tea time and dinner)

Sunday is cheat day! So today was an awesome food trip. We went to Seoul Bros. and tried their amazing food and drinks for tea time which were tuna quesadillas and kimchi fries. We also tried their sangria and lemonade. It was really good and the ambiance is very nice, their food is really amazing; for a fast food, the place is really cozy. Good for light meal and if you just want to hang out with friends while drinking. The place is in Wanchai, Shop A, LG/F, 218, Wanchai Road. It’s an 8-minute walk from Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR Station. Check it out if you haven’t yet.


For dinner, we went back to Nam Long Shan so my sister can try their food. We ordered the same dishes last time like the pad thai and the fresh spring rolls. We just added the baby oysters in hot plate and the Thai style fried rice. My sister loved it and we were all so full after that hefty dinner. I really recommend that you try visiting the Nam Long Shan Cooked food market. it won’t be the usual fancy restaurants where you eat or fast foods but it offers great meals, good service and friendly staffs.



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