Highlight of the Day(Tissue Poem and boredom)

I was bored.

Earlier I posted my first Tissue poem here on wordpress. The story behind it? It was back in college when I was bored listening to lectures/review that I either fell asleep (it did happen) or I chatted with my seat mates which eventually disrupted lectures and harsh looks from our Lecturers. So one time, I was so bored and I only had a tissue in front of me, I decided to make a tissue novel. It was so funny that we ended up laughing hard and same we still got those looks from our Instructors. Years passed one of my friends shared the photo of the said novel and it inspired me to make more. So from time to time I post tissue novel or poems on Facebook for old time’s sake and my friends still love it. And because I was bored this morning, I decided to do my nails! Yes, not that perfect but good enough. Used to do this a lot back home.


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