You are an angel in human form,

Your beauty hypnotic, your scent intoxicating.

I love the way you paint a smile on my face.

Yet your many forms send jitters to my spine.

When can I see you unmasked?

Are you even aware you’re wearing one?


Your eyes don’t lie.

Your face maybe be concealed with bright smile but your eyes say otherwise.

Your sophistication covers the child within you,

Waiting to unleash, waiting to be freed.

But society won’t allow a child-like act from a grown woman.


Men swoon at your exquisiteness,

Yet they fail to see the beauty and character beyond that mask.


Is there a way to change the norms?

You are more than the norms we’re used to,

Be different!

Stand out!


Be the brave new Norm!

P.S. Photo not mine.


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