Highlight of the Day(News)

Not really in favor of helpers. 😦

Since I am free for 2 weeks which started today, I was able to read a newspaper. when I started working for this family I have failed to update myself with Hong Kong current events. My mom would just update me or I would get the free newspaper from our lobby if I get the chance and the time to read it. So today I got the chance to get one and read everything on it. The most important news that I read was the new rules regarding cleaning of windows by helpers. I find the new rules shady since there is really no punishment for the employers who will violate the said rules. It may be in the contract but it just sounds good in paper, it doesn’t really have any bearing at all. I hope that they will reconsider giving punishment to the offenders. Helpers are not robots that can be fixed when they fall several floors down.


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