Highlight of the Day(Troubleshooting, Birthday, and Super moon)

So I was alone at home this afternoon and I figured that I can do some writing since it’s still early to pick up the kid. When I turned the laptop on, it took time to boot. I patiently waited and when it did boot it was just ¾ of the screen. I was pissed off and was nervous at the same time since all my writings are in this laptop and I haven’t had the time to make backups.  I have a 10-chapter novel working on in this laptop and imagining that it will be gone made me want to cry. I was patiently trying to reboot it but it went worse. It got stuck in the acer welcome screen, I really felt I was going crazy. All my unfinished writings are in this laptop and I don’t know what I am going to do if it breaks. I’m not tech savvy so I googled how to fix it. Tried every suggestion but it wasn’t working. I was ready to give up when I tried one last suggestion and it worked! Very very happy and thankful. Hopefully it is the last time that problem will arise and I will definitely buy a thumb drive for back up. Sorry my writing seems to be a lot more all over the place. I am kind of tired already and I’m not finished yet, they are still packing for their holiday. It’s ok since I will be mostly free for 2 weeks. Hopefully, I would do a lot of writing with that free time. It will be my lady employer’s birthday tomorrow so I bought her some flowers. Honestly, I wasn’t planning to give her any since I didn’t give everyone something for their birthday so I just wanted to be fair but my mom said she I should buy her something so I bought flowers. And like I said I am not tech savvy so that is my version of super moon. Nice yeah?


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