Highlight of the Day(Nam Long Shan Road Cooked Food Market)

As you know by now Sunday is my favorite part of the week! It’s my rest day, I get to attend mass and thank the Lord for the blessings, I get to see my mom and sister, and most especially, I get to eat anything since it’s my cheat day! This Sunday, we went to the Nam Long Shan Road Cooked Food Market. I read about it in an article in Southside magazine where it was featured. I asked my mom last Wednesday if we can go check it out since we got nothing planned this Sunday. It said on the article that if you want to feel the typical Cantonese breakfast, then visit the first floor since they offer an array of Cantonese cuisines. Now, if you are craving for Thai food like pad thai and tom yum soup then you can go on the second floor and choose from several stalls that offer Thai cuisine. We thought that it was difficult to find it because it is somewhat hidden but it’s actually easy to find. You can take buses going to Aberdeen or South Horizons and just get off at Nam Long Shan road, from there, walk a few yards and turn right, there is actually a MTR station there, Wong Chuk Hang station, from where you are you can see a temple and it is right beside the temple. It is fairly easy to find. When we got there, we were worried because there were no people eating, and some of the stalls were closed (we got there around 6pm). We were worried that maybe business was bad and they were already closed because the article says that it is open from 6am to 2am. We were a bit disappointed but continued to go in. We went to the 2nd floor and saw 2 of the famous stalls; the Pattaya, that keeps popping up in google search when you google Nam Long Shan Cooked Food Market and the magazine recommended Green Curry House Thai Food20161113_18043120161113_18135520161113_18261320161113_18173020161113_190103

We went to the Green Curry House and ordered the pad thai, spicy beef salad, fresh rolls with soft shell crab and glutinous rice, mango and coconut milk for dessert. We were surprised with the serving size because it was a lot. The flavors were really awesome and delicious. It was very affordable and satisfying. Halfway on our meal people started coming like ants and we were amazed by how the stalls got jam packed with other people even waiting. It is worth visiting, if you are tired of the chaos in fast foods and restaurants in Central or causeway bay, try a more authentic Hong Kong food stalls and Thai food.


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