Highlight of the Day(Single and Happy?)

If this isn’t happiness, then what is?

I read a facebook post that said “I am single but happy.” Clearly, that’s convincing herself more than the people reading it. I just don’t understand why it is necessary to put happy in the single part. Should every single person emphasize that they are happy? Will no one believe now that someone is happy unattached? Is being single a disease? Well, actually come to think of it, it is considered a disease now. According to the World Health Organization being single is a disability now. Apparently, not having a sexual partner to have a child with is considered infertile wherein it is a disease that needs medical attention. Funny how being single becomes a disability. Does that mean I am disabled and my friends are too? For sure depression is linked to being single as well, pointing out that when one doesn’t have a significant other life would be dull and sad. But should we depend our happiness to other people? Can’t one be happy being with himself or herself first? Can’t we find inner happiness? Is it always necessary that there is someone on our side to feel fulfilled? Happiness is a choice; you don’t depend your happiness to something or someone. So make your choice. 🙂


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