Highlight of the Day(Huckabee and Trump)

Really now? 

Can’t really decide if this should be the highlight of my day. Anyway, it has been decided as we all know that the new US president is Donald Trump. Don’t really know what to feel about it or if I should care at all since I’m not living in the US and have no plans of going there(for now 🙂 ).  But then, since US is a super power I should care a bit I guess. I should care about what’s going to happen to the Filipinos working and living in the US and the BPO industry that is said will be greatly affected if he wins. Anyways, let’s pray for something good to come out of it. By the way, Russians are celebrating! On that note, let us give a shout out to this “honorable man” who really needed to include us in his tirade against HRC. Honestly, he could have just said maid and not include any race on it.  Stereotyping much Dude? God Bless you! Now, let’s see what changes Trump will bring not only to America but to the whole world. Congratulations to President Trump by the way.


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  1. vishal4u says:

    Trump and his campaign was truly a racist one. So that is not so shocking to me. Anyways you said it right Trump is now not only for America alone but for the whole world. Hope his actions don’t follow his past statements.

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