Highlight of the Day(Book and some Wisdom)

A highly entertaining and informative read!

I started reading the book last night and it’s pretty interesting how beverages were vital parts of history that has gone unnoticed. This is similar to people actually, there are people around us that we take for granted or disregarded because we are confident that these people will still be around no matter what. Take your parents for example. When we were young we are inseparable to our moms and dads but then when we grow up and have our own lives, we tend to forget that they need us now like how we needed them before. We become so focused with our own lives that we forget that they even exist, sometimes we just ignore them. Not even a hi to them. We are thinking that you still have plenty of time to catch up and you’re busy at the moment so you’ll just talk to them later. How late is later? When they are in their deathbeds? Much worse in their graves? Let’s not take our parents for granted or anyone we love; we’ll never know until when they will stay.


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