Highlight of the Day(Early Christmas preparation?)

Surprising that they seem to be prepping for Christmas already. 

It seems early to be putting Christmas decors but they look like they are starting, we’ll know for sure once it’s finished. Back home, Christmas starts when September or “ber” months comes in and you’ll hear on the radio or at malls Christmas carols and countdown till Christmas. Everyone seems to be cheery and the kids and not so young start writing their Christmas wishlist and side swiping their family and friends so they have idea what to get them. Christmas in the Philippines is fun. After All saints and souls day, we usually plan for Christmas. For 3 years now, I’ve spent 2 Christmases with my Mom which is really a blessing and 1 Christmas alone since I have a different employer now. I’ll spend another Christmas alone this year but I don’t mind maybe because I know that I’ll still see my loved ones the next day or I just learned not to dwell on the loneliness, it won’t help anyway. I just focus on being happy may it be with people I love or alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely, you can feel lonely even around dozens of people; it’s your attitude towards the situation that will affect what you feel. 


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