Highlight of the Day(Food and Life Lessons)


Sunday is family day! My mom, sister and I attended mass first before doing anything. This Sunday, my sister promised to treat us for dinner since she found he hk id and there was no need for her to get another one. Hong Kong id is an id card to represent that you are living in hong kong without it, one may be deported if found to be an illegaly staying in hk. We were happy that our dinner will be free and adviced her that she should be careful with her belongings especially her id. She said yes but it may have stuck. Around noon, we noticed that she became frantic and was looking for something in her bag. We asked what was it but she said she was looking for something. Late in the afternoon she finally admitted that she can’t find her id and must have lost it again. Mom was angry and so was I. We told her that she was so careless losing it for the 2nd time in a span of 1 1/2 month. We tried helping her fimd it while nagging at her, but there was no luck. We asked her to retracr her steps and maybe she’ll remember where she last saw it. She was so disappointed and we ended up paying dinner ourselves since she will need money getting another id. We even told her that maybe God is testimg you since she seemed to have taken the first lesson for granted. She was still careless. She was in the brink of tears but mom and I jad to be firm to her sa she would understand. He decided to go home early and pass by the places she stayed longer. After an hour, she called my mom and told her im a very cheery voice that she found it in a shop where we tried some boots on. It must have fallen. We were so happy and she was so relieved. She told us that God really lover her and still gave her another chance. We told her never to tale anything for granted again because there may not be a next time. When we are given another chamce at anything, let’s always treat it as our last, be good be better. 😊


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