Highlight of the Day(Realizations)

Do what will make you happy so there would be no regrets

I read an article on brightside.me about the things that you will regret 10 years later and I’d say the article is spot-on. I, myself have regretted being so concerned about what people think of me that I needed to put a mask and put on a good show for people but at the end of the day; I felt drained. Just recently did I realize that what they think of me is not really important as long as I know that doing the right thing and what I’m doing makes me happy. What they think of me will not define who I am, it will define the kind of person they are. Step by step I am doing the things that I held back before for fear of rejection. It may be a little late but I finally feel that the void in my heart is occupied, it makes me happy and I make others happy as well. Let’s just be happy and forget what others think about us. By the way, I’m listening to Frank Sinatra while writing this. 😀


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