You were silent to my cries,

Deaf to my begs,

I wish it happened to you as well,

Maybe then you’ll realize how hard I tried.

But No, never will I wish another person go through the horror I’ve been.

While you give me pain, you are in heaven.

While I suffer, you gain more power.

When I fight, you give me a hard time.

You will tell me it’s my fault,

I keep reminding myself it is not,

How long will I last?

How long ‘till I give in to your desires?

How long ‘till I surrender and accept this as my fate?

Finally, I was freed from your cage.

I thought it was the end,

But somehow it was just the beginning of a brand new hell.

I was the victim but why am I being bullied?

Why should I take the blame?

Am I such a disgrace that even my family felt shame?

I became more isolated than the cage you brought me.

Out in the open,

Finally, free they say,

But now I wish I was still on your cage.







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