Highlight of the Day(comfort food)

Mouth watering pork rinds!

As I have told you a few blog posts ago, I am trying to live healthy, I eat healthier foods and avoid the opposite. Still, I can’t dodge the foods that I love so what I do is just satisfy my cravings by taking a bite or two nothing more than that. What I consider my comfort food is one of the unhealthiest;  deep fried pork rinds! It is usually partnered in alcoholic beverages back home or even a dish with rice. I love when it crackles everytime I take a bite and the soft fat (drooling right now). I have been crabing for pork rinds since a week ago so I decided to buy a pack last Sunday. I eat just a piece everyday, so far I can still fight the temptation of noth eating the whole pack at once. Moderation and control is the key. I think I am handling both well. Hahahahaha….. What is your comfort food? Share it here!


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