The Horror of being a Human

What is the horror of being a human?

What is scarier than ghosts, monsters or spirits?

What makes us humans more fearing than any other beings in the world?

Is it our ego that spooks others with bigger egos to topple each other to the top?

Isn’t greed more chilling than the creatures that lurks at night?

The terror we inflict not only on our own kind but to other living form is much more menacing than the story of ghouls and demons.

Power takes us to a chilling euphoria that once we attain it, we will be wanting more to the extent that we become beasts and ravage the little ogres that gets in our way.

The paranoia of wealth being taken away becomes the ultimate fear of almost every human.

Not ghosts, monsters, or spirits.

We live in a world where horror is of our own making.


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