Highlight of the Day(more Halloween)

Young and old dressed to impress or scare. 🙂

Non-stop Halloween parties! Last Saturday we already went to the Residents Halloween party, then Sunday they went to another party held by one of my lady employer’s friend. Today, we went trick or treating around the compound. It was actually fun because not only the kids are in costumes but the parents and even the helpers as well. It was actually fun. Trick or treating is not that common back home though we do costumes too. Back home, everyone’s busy cleaning the tombs of their departed, cooking dishes to bring to the cemetery like glutinous rice cakes, it is the time when they get together as a family since it’s a long holiday being November 1 and 2 are public holidays. There is one tradition though called “pangangaluluwa” or Hollow’s eve. It’s a tradition similar to trick or treating only the kids would sing souls for the dead and in front of houses, just like caroling and the owners should give treats. Never experienced it though, but anyway have a happy Halloween!


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