Highlight of the Day(walking/food trip)

Our Japanese dinner

It’s Sunday again and this time only my Mom and I were off. My sister’s off is 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays so next week will be her Sunday off. Anyway, as I went to a party the night before I woke up a bit late so we attended the 11:30 mass after which there was again no definite destination. We just walked aroind Central, did some window shopping cause I was looking for a new pair of boots for winter. I wanted something lightweight.  A few hours going around Central we decided to go to Tai Koo again to wall around and window shop for presents for my employer for this coming Christmas. It’s still early but I don’t want to rush. We went to Tai Koo but instead of shopping for presents, we wandered looking for something new to eat. My Mom was tired of chinese food and I was craving anything to eat since it’s my cheat day! We eneded up having tea time at McDonald’s and they have this fancy air changer that almost ate.us cause we didn’t know how to use it. Lol.

Pretty fancy right? Or is it just me?

After that snack, as we were just going out we talked about dinner. Yes, we just ate and dinner was already on our minds. We decided to walk some more then think about it later. As we headed towards Apita, a Japanese supermarket, we saw a food court on its left and decided to check it out. There were different kinds of japanese dishes each cubicle/unit offers. From ramen to japanese snacks, to japanese curry and they were all mouth watering! So we ended up havong dinner there! It was so delicious and very affordable. You should check it out! 😊


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  1. gilian says:

    Love the air charger. 🙂 It’s available in the market now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      It was complicated at first though. Had to check others who are using first before we figured it out. :p


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