Highlight of the Day(Halloween Carnival 2016)

On-going Halloween Carnival at Bel-Air.

It was 7pm and I was silently tucked in my room thinking that I would be finishing up early. Then out of the blue my lady employer came rushing in from their walk telling me that she forgot that today is the halloween party, she thought that it was tomorrow. She shyly asked me if it was ok to go with them. Reluctanly, I said yes. Not that I didn’t want to go but I just thought I wasn’t prepared(like I need some preparations. Lol). Since it was rushed, my lady employer had no time to prepare herself so she told me that only the kid and I will go and just take pictures. There were a few booths that the toddler don’t want to go being tired all day already. We went to the haunted trail that gave her a big fright. Honestly, I think last year was better. As of now we’re watching a “scary” dance number and she looks like she’s enjoying.


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