The One?

With billions of people in the world,

How does one find “The One”?

Is he that man crossing the street?

Or that lady waiting for a cab?

Is he someone you’ve known all your life?

Or that woman you brushed shoulders with at the tram?

Would you have guessed who it would be?

Or were you certain from the time you met?

If you’re with someone right now,

How sure are you that she’s “The One”?

Are you positive that he’ll forever be by you side?

14 years ago, I would have believed in finding “The One”,

But they split up after 18 years together.

It left my young mind queries until this very day.

Do you believe in destiny?

Or you weave it yourself?


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  1. Not destiny ofcourse. You’ve to find the one for yourself on your own i believe.

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      Makes sense, but still makes me wonder how? How can we be so sure of that person?

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      1. Umm.. I guess. It’s about timing in a way. And that one person makes us feel very differently like nobody else has that effect on us.

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  2. vishal4u says:

    I believe that there is no need to find the one, in fact the true one will come and find you when the time is right. And yes mistakes and incomplete love is unavoidable and painful. But never give hope away, true love from your true one is so mesmerising, that it soothes our heart and bless us with a bliss.

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      Wow. That is nicely put into words.

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