Highlight of the Day(Patience)

A burst of happiness!

In the world of the weary, the art of patience is tough. We want everything to be fast, express, a one-stop shop. We consider the old woman in front of us a nuisance because she walks slowly or the kid who is very grumpy for no reason at all and we choose it ignore it. They are hindrance to what we can accomplish in those precious time. Never considering that maybe those are the precious moments that we should be grateful for. We might never know that if it wasn’t for the old woman in front of us walking slowly saved us from being hit by a speeding car whose driver lost his control of the steering wheel. Or the kid who is in so much pain but can’t express it needs to be taken immediately to the hospital for a surgery and you chose to ignore it. We forget to slow down and breathe; observe everything around us. Be thankful of the people that is with us. Appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and be grateful of our existence. Whenever I am in a hurry, it feels like there’s always something that reminds me to slow down; like the sky that looks like a burst of happiness or that one little flower blooming across the vastness of the grass. When I see those signs I try to stop, inhale and thank God that I’m alive. I forego of all my worries or the reason I’m in a hurry. I just stop and embrace life.


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