Highlight of the Day(living healthy)

A healthy lunch for a 16-year-old student. I was in a hurry taking the photo so it’s blurry.


The food above is the lunch of my employer’s 16-year-old son. She said that he decided to change his diet into healthier choices and her mom was more than willing to prepare it for him. I really am proud of him and I actually envy his decisions at such a young age. When I was his age, all I think about is food and I didn’t really care if it was healthy or not as long as I liked it and it will make me full. I was overweight/obese almost all my life. It did bother me while I was growing up but not enough to motivate me into losing weight. So when I first came here to work I was at my heaviest, a whooping 194lbs. My mom was so surprised to see how big I was and told me that she will help me lose weight and she’ll discipline me. After 2 years working with her, I lost 8lbs, yes, 8lbs. Funny how mothers would say something like that but they never really mean it especially when you act as if you’re really famished. Anyway, as of today, I am 157lbs. Yey! Not my lightest actually. I was 149lbs when I had my vacation in the Philippines a month ago, can’t seem to bring it back but determined to do so. Going back, my lady employer is very health conscious and got a few tips from her. I started reducing my rice intake and it has really really helped until I have finally ditched it, never thought I would but I did. I only eat rice on Sundays now, my cheat day. Then, I replaced unhealthy snacks with fruits and had a larger intake of vegetables. I drink lots of water and tea, I replaced sweets with dark chocolate preferably 75% cacao. I try to exercise but with the small space I have in my room, I can barely do it. I only have my exercise is when working or going in the park. I am still in the process of living healthy but I am determined to do so.


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  1. vishal4u says:

    Wish you all the best and it really needs a strong willpower to continue on a healthy diet. But then we always have a cheat day for our carvings.
    Stay healthy , think.positive eat green !!!

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      Thanks! I’ll try to stay on the right track. 😊


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