Highlight of the Day(Oldies but goodies)

One of my favorites!


I think it’s been two years since I have listened to modern music. Not that I don’t like music but I prefer listening to old songs and the classical ones. I find modern music too loud and honestly, I feel like the mainstream music has lost its sense or artistry. The lyrics are just repeated over and over maybe to buy time or sometimes it’s just about sex and violence. The oldies however, takes me back to the simpler world. Its melody is so romantic. I love the 50’s and 60’s music most, Frank Sinatra being one of my favorites. I would listen to it over and over again. When I get tired of music with lyrics, I turn to the classical. The classical cello, violin concerto, Bach, Mozart among others that I really don’t know. This stimulates my focus and thinking. It shuts me out of the loud and chaotic world and takes me to my own little private peaceful room. Try classical music, it enriches the soul.


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