Highlight of the Day(I am a MAID)

OFWs preparing for a dance competition. (photo taken a few months ago)

As I was browsing the internet, I came across this article about a documentary film that features Filipina domestic helpers in Hong Kong joining a beauty pageant. As a domestic helper myself here in Hong Kong I believe that the documentary will truly help not only our family but other people as well to see what we go through behind the smiles, laughter, and glamour they see we post on our social media. Sunday is the only time for us to take a rest, be at our best, and be with everyone else. Some don’t really even own their Sunday because when they get home, they still have to wash the dishes or bathe the children and put them to sleep. I have articles in my blog called Hong Kong from a domestic helper’s POV, which tell stories of the lives of domestic helpers; I haven’t updated it yet but hopefully I will soon. The point is that most of the time we are being looked down or discriminated by the kind of work we have, yes we are doing household chores, cleaning your toilet bowls but isn’t it more noble than to rob, or do illegal things?

I am a maid and I can say that I am truly proud it. It may not be as glamorous as my previous jobs but it is where I found happiness and peace of mind (literally crying as I’m writing this). I have never imagined that I will be working such kind of job but I have embraced it and I’ve never been happier. I am closer to my mom and sister who are both working here and we see each other every week. I regularly send my grandmother financial help and I even help one of my cousins to college. What I am most proud is that it really made me closer to God. My faith has become stronger than ever.

Not all of us here are as lucky as others with their employers but what drives them to stay is their families. So for those with family members working abroad, before you complain why your remittance is not as much as last month, ask them if they are eating well or they have enough sleep. Before you ask for the original Stan Smith shoes, ask them if they are warm enough this coming winter. Ask them.

This is the article.



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