Highlight of theDay(Indonesian Food)

Indonesian Food! Hot but so good!

Today’s rest day was mostly uneventful. Mom and I were planning to have a massage but cancelled at the last minute because we thought we were going to the hospital to visit a friend. So without planB, my Mom thought of going to LOHAS park, cause she said we haven’t been there. So we boarded the train and headed there. The fare was a bit pricey since it’s on the otjer side of HongKong but it was alright for us since we thought we’ll be seeing a lot there. When we got off the train we were excited, it’s called a park so we were expecting a BIG, spacious place with trees and fresh air. It turned out that LOHAS park was just a big residential area and there was nothing to see. We were a bit disppointed but just chatge ot to experience right? We boarded the train again and went back to the city. We headed to our new favorite restaurant-INDONESIAN Restorant or that’s how I recall the name of it. They offer authentic Indonesian dishes,some on my featured photo. If you’re not a fan of spicy foods then don’t dare, it’s like every Indonesian dish have chillies in it but it’s really very good that I was almost crying but I continue eating. I had chicken squeezed in spicy shrimp paste, my sister had deep-fried duck with boiled mixed veggies topped with spicy dessicated coconut, and my mom had deep-fried fish with boiled mixed veggies topped with spicy dessicated coconut as well. It was a great dinner. So I suggest you try Indonesian cuisine! 😀


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