Highlight of the Day(Eyeglasses)

My specs! And yes, that’s my favorite author! 🙂

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in 5th grade and boy it wasn’t fun. At first I was thrilled with the idea of getting eyeglasses, and the first few months were great. There is this air of being hinted as intelligent when one is wearing glasses and being a kid, it was really something for me. But after a few months and dreadful skin irritation due to the metallic frame, I really hated it. I wanted it gone but I had no choice because I was suffering from astigmatism and it would easily trigger my migraine. After a year or so I have gotten used to it but the resentment remained. All through the years there was a love-hate relationship between my eyeglasses and I. I think some of you will understand what I mean. I’ve lost it a few times, broke it or somebody else did. But it was a need that I cannot do without.  A few years after college, I completely ditched it, wearing only at times when I felt like I gave my eyes too much stress. It was surprising because the last time I had an eye check-up, it was almost normal. Then, several weeks ago I started squinting again and it seemed like words are hard to read so I tried wearing my glasses again. Viola! Words and surroundings are bigger. Now, I’m stuck with her again and probably needs updated bifocals.


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