Highlight of the Day(Bed Weather)

Bed Weather Day!

Since today the typhoon passed by Hong Kong territory, school and work were cancelled. My lady employer reminded me last night not to get up early because everybody’s home and no one will wake up early. I was awaken by the sounds of strong winds at 5 am. It was hitting my balcony window that it felt like it will shatter the glass. It was just wind and no rain at that time. Soon enough I drifted back to sleep and woke up at 7:30 am. As expected no one was awake and it was very dark. the wind was still howling. They started waking up at around 9:30 and I started my work. I was done by 12 noon. and since then I was just lounging in the comforts of my bed. They were all home so I wasn’t babysitting the little girl. I spent half the day writing and reading. I even took a nap! Just a few minutes ago, the typhoon signal 8 was hoisted down to T3 so I guess it will be back to normal by tomorrow. I don’t have any updates if there were places of people greatly affected by the typhoon but hopefully minimal to none. It was a great day despite the typhoon I think.



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