US Embassy Protest Incident (A Rant)


Last night, while I was browsing through my facebook feeds news about the Super typhoon, I came across a status from a facebook friend saying that being stepped on by someone already hurts as hell what more if you were run over by a police car. I was curious and read the comments, they were all irate and one said that the police officer reasoned that he got confused. I was still curious and waited for other comments when my mom called me and told me if I have seen the footage where a police car deliberately hit some protesters in the US Embassy in the Philippines because they saw it in the local Hong Kong news and she and her lady employer was surprised at what they saw. I was really surprised with the news so I really browsed and saw the footage. It was horrifying! I don’t see the logic of that Police officer to do such a horrendous act. Later on, I read that the protesters were actually Indigenous people, who are protesting about the loss of their homes, schools and the extrajudicial killings since 2010. Reports I read said that the protesters didn’t have permit but the police let them go on with the demonstrations but authorities had to step in when they got too close to the embassy. But why ran the protesters over? The Manila Police Chief Superintendent said that the driver of the van was just trying to remove it from the area because the protesters were trying to topple it down. Why ran them over? That question still bothers me. Why do you have to ran them over? I don’t see the logic in it. They could have done other measures to disperse the crowd but running them over is never an answer. I could have honestly accepted injuries from baton smashing and tear gas because it’s the police’s defense to unruly and violent protesters. This is just so unacceptable and what bothers me most is the fact that some people even justified what happened saying that they deserved it because they were also violent, that they act like they don’t have an education. Dude! Does running over people show that you are educated? Come on! Sorry for ranting but I just can’t accept it. Seems like people are being blinded by too much patronage, they bypass what is right and just.  I am not an opposition nor am I a supporter, I’m just an observant. This incident was what I feared before, if the police were given so much power, there may be others who will abuse it. Like drugs, power is addicting and like drugs, it should be tapered or prohibited and allow only those who can handle it to use it, still with great caution. I call on higher authorities to do something about it and please, please to not let these powers go over their heads.

My heart also goes to the Police officers who have been injured, don’t worry one stupid act should not reflect all of you. I still salute you for serving and protecting. Mabuhay po kayo.

And to those who thinks that these people or any other people deserve to be ran over because they were unruly, the next time you ask for an extra rice; think of the sun-kissed people in their traditional clothes who wakes up at the wee hours in the morning to plow the fields, bending all throughout the day to plant rice, harvest it and may not have even tried or fed it to their families. They were the farmers who are famished. Think about it.


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