Highlight of the Day(washing machine)

Just a few inches more. Why can’t we get it in?!

Last night was a disaster with our drain leakage, today, our washing machine won’t work bacause there might be leakage inside. So I told my boss about it and she said we’ll try to fix it. I look it up on the net on what to do and it said that we have to tilt the machine to drain the excess water inside. If you will notice on the photo, the machine is built in so I was thinking if we can pull it out. But my boss was insistent so we tried for 30 minutes to pull it out without any luck. As we were almost giving up and about to call the concierge for help, we tried to pull it out one last time. And we managed to pull it out! Bit by bit with all our strength it was finally out. We tilted it and some water came out. When we tried switching it on, it did not alarm and it seemed to be back to normal. We were both happy and prepared to push it. That was where our problem arise other than the “other problem”. No matter how hard we push it back, it won’t go all the way through. What happened was push and pull because we were thinking that it wasn’t aligned, we even put tape on the floor for smooth passage when we push. Nothing happened. It took us an hour before we gave up and my boss said we’ll just wait for her husband and son to come home and maybe they can fix it. That was some work out we had today. Hopefully, they can fix it so I can do the laundry. Sorry if I’m boring you with household chores. It’s my work.šŸ˜Š

Before I end this, I would like to ask for prayers for my fellow Filipinos who are now experiencing the wrath of a super typhoon. Please offer prayer for their safety especially those in northern Luzon. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU!šŸ˜‡


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