Highlight of the Day(Flood)

This was a total disaster an hour ago. 😭

8pm tonight I was really happy because I was almost done with my chores. I was just tidying what was lest of the dishes and waiting for the laundry to finish because the eldest needed it tomorrow at school. As I was finishing up, I felt something wet on my feet and when I checked it; the floor wad starting to flood! I checked the washing machine and it was draining and I was washing the dishes. The pipe was overflowing. I wanted to curse but what good will it do? So I called my employer and told her what happened we both checked the pipe sink, I said it was clean because I just cleaned it yesterday. True enough, it was cleaned when we rechecked. We were trying to find the culprit of the overflow then we found out that it was from the big drain, we can’t do anythibg about it because it’s the management’s fault. So I was left to clean the mess. And boy! It was such a mess. Felt really dirty after. And when I was losing my patience, I just say “Thank You Lord, thank You Lord.” It really helped and I finished the work eventually. If you’re in the brink of frustration call Him, He’ll calm you down. 😊


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  1. It always helps me to remember” Thank you God that my biggest problem is (my water heater broke, my cell phone battery died, my air conditioner went out) instead of something like no food, shelter, or other basic living necessities. I am so blessed to have to deal with what we call “First World Problems”. You have the right outlook on things. Hope you are able to get your drain fixed quickly though. That can make life difficult.

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      Saying those phrases help me calm down when my thread of patience grows thin. Instead of blaming others or myself, talking to Him is the best solution. Really hope they’ll fix it soon. Thanks! Have a great day/night! 😊

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