Highlight of the Day(Books)

Got these from the book fair! 😍

Reading books is one of my weaknesses. I learned to read when I became fascinated with pictures on the encyclopedia. I wanted to know what they were,where that particular place was, or what was happening in the picture. As I grew older my fascination with books grew as well. I would borrow Nancy Drew and Hardy boys book sfrom the school library for the weekend and return it come Monday and it became a cycle, until I read all the Nancy and Hardy boys collection of the library. I then turned into Filipino pocketbooks which I totally got addicted to since I really wouldn’t sleep till I finish it or like what my other classmates did in high school, we would put it in our school books so we can still read even during lecture. Sneaky, right? Lol. Books also got me through depression when I was in college. I hated the course my parents forced me to take that I did not attend class for 2weeks straight and I was just in my room reading, not sleeping at all. Books kept me sane during that time.

Books made me laugh out loud, cry, and feel in love all at the same time. The characters were my friends, lovers, and enemies. Sometimes, I even like books more than real people. They are more genuine and sincere and they don’t judge!

To all bookworms out there, keep on reading!😜


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