Highlight of the Day(Be Happy)

Happiness comes in small packages.

Is it too much to be happy for no reason at all? I’m just feeling happy. Maybe because of what I ate or because of who I ate with, which is my mom, or maybe I’m just really happy today. There is actually so much to be happy about every day. The fact that you opened your eyes this morning is something you should be happy about. Some people never opened their eyes this morning or the next mornings to come. Be happy that you wake up with your husband or wife by your side, be happy that you were awakened by the cries or your new born or the screams of your toddler; or just the chirping of the birds even the horns of the garbage truck passing by. Be happy that you have food on your table no matter how it tastes like, how cold it is, how burned it is. Be happy that you have a job even if you hate it most of the time. Be happy that you have friends who bugs you every time he/she needs help with an assignment, work, or even love life. Be happy that random people smiled at you and you smiled back! Be happy that you helped that stranger with the lift service! Be happy and thankful for the random stuffs that happens every day in your life even the bad ones, they usually happen because something awesome is about to come! Be Happy and thankful!


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