Highlight of the Day(Notebook)

My Notebook of Thoughts

Today was a hectic day since my employers arrived from their holiday. Good thing I was able to post a poem earlier. Anyway, after I have finished work a while ago and I was trying to figure out what to post for tomorrow, I saw my “notebook of thoughts”. It is a collection of thoughts that I have put into writing thinking that someday someone other than me would read it. Since I was young I always have a small notebook at hand, at that time the usual things I wrote were dates of important things that happened or things and prices that I bought or something I had to remember. Then when I went to high school my small notebook was where I write my thoughts. I was really never good at sharing my feelings so instead of confiding to someone I usually write it in my notebook. I was free to express how I felt whether it was anger, sadness, joy, or even random thoughts. Words and the notebook became my best friends. Thoughts turned into poems and short stories. I got lots of old notebooks with poems and unfinished stories from when I was in high school and college. For some reasons, I never get to finish those stories. Hopefully one day I will. The notebook in my photo contains 3 years or thoughts, some essays from my English review for a test I never got to take, some were excerpts from some books I read, and the tissue with writings on it is my tissue novel/poem; a past time for my college friends when I get bored listening to review lectures and instead of taking down notes, I write stories or poems on tissue. They loved it and until now I write something on tissue and post it on facebook for my friends. It’s fun. I still got a few black notebooks here and I’m looking forward to filling those pages. How was your day?


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  1. Even i write something like this from the last 4-5 Years.

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      Reading your thoughts from years back is fun right? 🙂

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