Scarred Heart

Once you told me, “Don’t worry my Princess, I will protect you so no one can do you harm.”

But unbeknownst to me, that very shield shattered my heart.

It left me confused, distraught, and hurt.

For a while I thought it will never heal.

However, as time flies, I slowly picked up the pieces and put it back together.

For some time, it was fragile, the wound was still fresh but healing.

Then one day from afar I saw you,

You were laughing at something your companion said.

Not only were you laughing but your eyes were also smiling.

You are in love.

I was looking for the pain and hatred I once felt and there were neither.

I smiled to myself and sighed.

I may have a scarred heart but I know that it can love again.

You know why?

Because it was able to forgive.

(photo not mine)


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  1. vishal4u says:

    Forgiveness is something not everyone’s cup of tea. I tried once forgiving a man bcuz he did something ill to me and which almost spoiled my 4 yrs of life, I tried hard, in fact I am trying now also to forgive him and every time when I think I have forgived him, but whenever I see him all the anger erupts in my heart again.
    Great poem

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    1. aimmeesephyr says:

      I think forgiving is a process and it takes time. Maybe you’re still in the process of forgiving that person. I was like you before or maybe all of us are at some point. Now, what I always think about is that what happened was a blessing and I won’t be who Iam or where I am if it wasn’t for it. Good or bad, still a blessing. Hope you will find peace in your heart. Glad you liked it.

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      1. vishal4u says:

        Well I am still suffering because of the act of that man, at least I think he is responsible for my misery. So may be as you say , I might still be in the process. Thanks for you suggestions

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      2. aimmeesephyr says:

        No problem! Hope I was able to help. You will win over your misery! You are much better than that! Have faith! 😊

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